A Dream – Short Inspiring Story

Earlier this year, I had inspected the structure I had built that was my life. I noticed the buildings were standing precariously. The more buildings I inspected, the more I saw lop-sided dwellings in disrepair.

Hmmmmm…thought I, there must be something wrong with the foundation. Upon the foundation (of my life) inspection, I saw crumbling mortar and the bricks were not sound.

I realized that I had some work to do so rolled up my sleeves and started. I proceeded to take out the broken pieces of the foundation. The more I removed, the more I saw that was undermining the entire structure.

Wiping the sweat off my forehead with a dirt grimed hand, I stood up to survey the scene. It struck me that if I wanted to achieve my dreams and goals that I had to do a proper job. The foundation had to be sound in order for the structures to be operational.

Back to work I went, being merciless – no part of the foundation was going to stay if it did not contribute or was not pro-survival to my purposes, dreams or goals.

I was so intent on this clean-up that I did not notice when every single building that had been constructed, collapsed. I did not even notice when the fires began, so intent on the job to hand was I.

Completing my work, proud of myself, I stood up to survey it, only to find complete devastation. Fires on every side of me, smoke blackening the air.

Not a single building was left.

Crying uncontrollably and in shock, I looked at the devastation I had wrought. I liked some of the structures. I wanted to save some of it!

Crying and crying and crying with grief unsurpassed, I stood riveted in place watching the fires consume the inadequate foundation and collapsed buildings.

I cried until I couldn’t anymore. I watched until the embers no longer flickered.

I stood there until there was no more light and I was alone in the pitch blackness.

“Now what?”, thought I. “Walk!”, “Do something!”, “Move!” I told myself. Pull yourself up by the scruff of the neck girl. You did this; now get yourself out of it.

Slowly, fractionally, I finally did shuffle forth – not knowing which way to go, still in the utter blackness.

I never did trip over anything, the devastation was complete.

I did eventually slam into a wall, then another and another – each time staggering back, stunned, shaking it off, continuing.

After wandering, for how long I do not know, in utter blackness and devastation, I thought I saw an area that was not quite as dark as the rest.

Mistrusting and cautious by now, but curious none-the-less, I pushed myself forward to that point to find that it was indeed lighter. When I put my hand out, I found there was a crack, an opening…a door! I pushed and it swung open easily.

I found myself in another space; it was lighter than the first, not too much lighter but there! In the distance! I saw it was lighter again and headed that way. Put my hand out. Pushed. And found myself in another space that was lighter again. My heart soared.

And look! Off in the distance, it’s lighter yet again.

…but I paused for a moment to reflect…and realized that ordeal though I had been through, that my decisions were correct, my purposes were valid and sound, that I did indeed create a survival foundation. I acknowledged that I was my own best friend and realized that I respected myself for a job well done.

Much lighter of heart, I ran toward the next much lighter area – the next door! I pushed on it and three doors opened at once.

Sparkling and happy now, I pushed through to the next, opened the door and my breath was taken away in awe.

I turned and looked back at where I came from – it was an ugly, monstrous, black spiky mountain.

I turned again to see where I wound up, still finding it difficult to believe such beauty.

I was standing way up high on black awful mountain and overlooking a pure gold city.

Every building was the color of molten gold. The city was festive and sparkly. I just knew the population was happy and found joy in life; that there were festivals and parties and happiness in the city and that I would be welcome.

I raised my eyes and looked straight across at a crystal mountain which was an iridescent rainbow, too. I recognized this.  It was my purposes, my dreams, my goals.

I was on the right route! Almost there!

I looked again down at the city and noticed that there was an awesome flight of golden stairs that lead from where I was gracefully and elegantly into the city.

I knew that if I took the stairs and went into the city that I would be able to get to the other side – to my gorgeous iridescent mountain of purposes and goals.

I knew I would be extremely happy in the golden city; I would be fascinated with the beauty there. Making my way through would not be a problem…but the magic and immensity of that city! How long would it take to get through it – albeit happy?

I looked again across from me at the crystal mountain and thought why not? Why not just walk right out into thin air and go straight across? Who is to say that it can’t be done?

What if, thought I, there is a bridge there? What if a person just needs to trust in himself enough and in his goals & dreams & purposes?

What if you don’t go into agreement?

And decide that it can be done?

My decision made, I put my right foot out onto what appeared to be thin air…and connected with a crystal walkway that sent off a celebration of rainbow sparkles where my foot touched.

So emboldened, I swung my left foot out onto the bridge and strode forth amongst a constant shower of welcoming, exuberant rainbow sparkles.

It can be done.

May your dreams become reality.


Imagination Station Dreamscape by ILIA. Copyright © 2023 ILIA. ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich. All Rights Reserved. noai noimageai
Imagination Station
Dreamscape by ILIA

© Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich is an Internationally Published and Exhibited Artist. noai noimageai

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