A Duck Tale

A Duck Tale

One gorgeous autumn day, I decided to take a leisurely walk in the neighborhood park. It’s a quaint park with a manmade stream connecting a series of ponds. I went along the path and turned towards the backside of the park which was my favorite way because of the little duck family that I had been watching grow up and the outcast little girl duckling that I cheered on.

I found all of my little friends in the pond, growing up fast and tossed some seeds to them, then continued cheerfully on my way around the pond, then the playground and to the very last pond in the series.

I decided to walk the long way around the last pond as it was such a beautiful day so took a left instead of a right. Around the pond I went, paying particular attention to the geese, the egrets, the huge variety of ducks and the few swan that made the pond their home.

As I got to the last bend of the pond and started heading back to home, a little duck joined me. I greeted her and she quacked back at me as she matched my steps stride for stride. She looked up at me earnestly while happily quacking to me her tale of life at the pond.

It was a true communication that we had – she would quack a lot, and then stop. I would acknowledge her, tell her how pretty she was and thank her for telling me about her life. I’d stop and she would start again. We were very polite and did not interrupt each other. All the while we were strolling along the outside of the pond.

For some reason, our conversation got attention from the other ducks in the pond because I saw them swim hurriedly to our side of the pond, climb out of the water and follow along behind us.

I told my little friend what was happening. She didn’t mind, so we continued along.

Hundreds of ducks swam to the edge of the pond and rapidly joined the ranks. I glanced back and saw ducks twenty abreast and several ducks deep following eagerly behind us; then looked back in time to acknowledge the charming duck waddling beside me.

Interest in our conversation mounted and birds from every local species dropped down from the trees as our group marched by. The birds mingled with the ducks and followed along behind us.

I’m not sure how birds communicate to each other so, what happened next still amazes me to this day. Birds started flying in to join the parade, from where I do not know. The sky was filled with birds arriving, landing and following along.

The geese stood at the waters edge to watch us as more ducks ran from the water to join us but the only two talking of this crowd of hundreds were the duck and I.

Finally, we arrived at the edge of the pond and my little lady friend stopped in her tracks, gave me a quack of goodbye and I continued forward on my way.

I took one last look behind me at the peaceful gathering of hundreds of birds, geese and ducks, surprised that there was such a following. Again I looked at my little duck friend and told her to have a great day. Then I carried on the path heading towards home.

This is a true story!
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  1. This is a beautiful story. I’m even thinking it could serve as a perfect children’s book along with illustrations! Lovely Lovely Lovely.

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