A Little History…

At the end of 1998 I started online supplying information for creative and talented folks to make a living with their art.  I didn’t understand what the internet was all about but I was determined to get helpful data out there.

At that point not many sites were online; blogs and social media didn’t exist.  The approximate statistics:  in 1994 about 4,000 websites existed; in 2017 the amount is about 1 billion.

In 1998, even with that small amount of websites online, there were scams and not-so-ethical opportunities waiting for creative people who wished to get worldwide exposure, so I investigated and reported.

I learned how to code a website but the first one I created was a MESS!  I kept updating it with information about what to stay away from as well as what were legitimate, helpful sites.  I ran it more like the modern day blog.  It had to be hand-coded on the desktop and then uploaded online for each update.

Before being online, I helped artists one-on-one in person whenever I found one; once getting online my reach to help creative and talented folks exploded.  Soon I was helping artists all over the world (I still do till this day).

Helping artists has been the most rewarding experience in my life.

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