A Little Morning Magic

The other day, as I was fixing to go do a few errands, I happened to look up at the tree to the left of my driveway as there was something quite curious going on. It looked like maybe a twig moving in and out of sight or maybe a little bird.

I continued looking and was surprised to see a little hummingbird pop out of the spot that I was looking at to let me know that I did indeed spot her.

She flew up to a branch that was exposed to show me how pretty she was and how fast she could make her wings flutter.

I watched her in wonder for a little while, thanked her for letting me know that she was there and went off to run my errands.

I didn’t think too much about the pretty hummingbird until this morning during my morning routine of watering gardens, emptying the trash, etc.  While doing the routine, mid watering the garden, I was surprised out of my morning sleepiness.

The little hummingbird flew right up to me and then flew to a branch on a tree. She said Hi to me! I was instantly awake and smiling! What a wonderful way to wake up!

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