a time before the universe

a time before the universe

It was a time before the universe was so heavy, so dense. Forms were light, graceful. There was a natural light that Shone through them.

Light was a natural part of existence. It was before the sun and planets. It was before the great Cosmic disaster they now call the big bang, when all creation exploded into random chaos and 99% of matter began to burn.

It was a time when thought was King and interwoven into the building blocks of creation was Beauty.

Reality was malleable. The universe, or the shared joining of all of our universes, was a playground of Aesthetics and light, of creativity and being.

There was a sound, a high ethereal music, a song of joy, part and parcel of all creation. If you are very still and listen closely you can still hear it
And you can see it and feel it in Leigh-Ann’s art.

Ray Peck
Inspired by “a time before the universe” Dreamscape by ILIA.
a time before this universe Dreamscape by ILIA. 
© Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.







“Beautifully done, in word and color, perfectly matched!” SHP

“Beautiful well done” SM

“Truly inspiring.” GG

“Very nice. I love your work!” TE

“Makes me think of the Emerald City. And Glinda floating down in the purple orb.” CKJ

“Lovely” JK

“This is beautiful. Well done.” TK

“Reminds me of the title of Star Trek’s original show, Season 1, Episode 28 – this one was called ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’.  It was an amazing episode that won lots of awards.” DA

“My imagination takes flight…” KK

“Beautiful!!!” JK

“This is an amazing and color full image. I especially like the little flower trying to blossom out, life hanging on a ledge. Yet powerful enough to spark the imagination. Thanks for sharing this.” PEC

© Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.
ILIA aka Leigh Ann Edrich
© Copyright 2023 Ray Peck. All Rights Reserved.

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