AI, Instant Digital Art and Fine Digital Art

If an artist is creating Fine Digital Art and the viewer immediately thinks it’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) art or Instant Digital Art, it could create upsets. 

Imagine visiting an exhibition and seeing a digital work of art and instantly thinking that the artist cheated by using AI or an instant digital program.  While at the same time, the artist who has put in 50-100 hours on a digital art piece, is puzzled as to why yet another person just walked right by.

There’s nothing wrong with the very interesting programs and Apps available to create art such as Fotor where you can create digital art with one click and Sketch Pad where you can draw, create and share.  Or by using the huge number of AI apps to create art and graphics in moments (just do a search for “AI art”).   Using such programs, one can get ideas and practice to make usable designs.

I create Digital Fine Art.  There is a difference.

I started my art career over thirty years ago.  The first action that I did was to decide my purpose as an artist and the communication that I wanted to get across.  I used the book Art by L. Ron Hubbard to do this.

Pencil sketches in both charcoal and color were my first artworks, then I worked in oil paintings and then acrylic paintings.  I found acrylics to be quite fun because of the many choices and textures to play with.  There’s acrylic inks, liquid, colors, sparkles, iridescents, textures and so much more!  Hours of imagination and creativity!

However, I was always working to perfect my message.  I didn’t seem to have it as I wanted it.  I worked in many styles and even created my own “reverie art” which was an abstract type of painting style where the viewer had to add their imagination in order to create the image.  The paintings were made of colors, flows, mood lines and had no connection to anything that was real.  It was quite interesting but not having any connection with nature, people or space, it was rather difficult to understand.  Some people really liked it, while others didn’t grasp the concept.  The idea didn’t go far.

While working to create a form of art that would communicate my message, I was also mentoring other artists around the world.  I learned two very important actions in order to help others: website building and information marketing. 

As part of both, I had to also learn how to do graphics, where to find royalty free graphics, programs to use, tools, settings, etc.  Interesting what occurred.  I came across some very amazing finds!  I was inspired as an artist to see what I could accomplish digitally.

A decade ago, I started working with a few programs.  The first creations were quite amateur, but after a while my imagination took off.  To make sure that I was on the correct track, I surveyed each creation.  Some wound up in the trash because of not getting the communication across, but I learned.  

dreamscape fantasy design examples - Dreamscapes by ILIA
Here’s some examples of the fantasy designs I create that make up the parts of a dreamscape.

Over the last few years, my dreamscapes became an art form of their own.  I make the fantasy shapes and forms and then fuse them together to make a dreamscape.  Getting the colors, flows and mood lines to work properly together  is what I aim for.  Each dreamscape can take any where from 50 to 100 hours to create because I make each piece and then put it all together. 


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3 Replies to “AI, Instant Digital Art and Fine Digital Art”

  1. Wow, I finally could read this article. I had it open as a tab on my computer for days because I want it to read. This article is wonderfully written and crafted in a very nice way. This also is a quite important article as it takes the lid off, of some misconceptions one can have about digital art in general. Artists will not be pushed away by AI or made useless. Real art still needs a real artist, the human touch to make it come alive – and I believe this to be a timeless quote. You can never take the human out of the machine or AI, as it is the human who produces them. With ethical and constructive concepts, he’ll stay in-charge, not the robot. With AI or digital art in mind, we simply start a new era of creating and beautifying our wonderful planet.

    1. Beautiful, Andreas! Well said. I like your quote: “Real art still needs a real artist, the human touch to make it come alive.”

      1. Yes – we’re still in charge and that will never change as long as we remain sane with only the head in the clouds to see the next horizon. That way we can grow in abundance. ;o)…

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