An Ode to A Special Duck

This duck, his name starts as Daffy Down Dilly.
I know that sounds silly,
But wait! Here’s the rest:
McDuck The Third.
He is special this duck
That’s related to a bird!

Now, Daffy Down Dilly McDuck The Third
Is the most incredible musician
That you have ever heard!
His webbed feet
Certainly hold the beat
But the piano sonatas – now that is sweet.

Daffy Down Dilly uses dancing
To accomplish his piano playing feat
And uses his wings
To do hop, jumps and flings
With all his antics,
The music is quite neat!

Mr. McDuck The Third
Oh, you might say he’s a silly bird
But just imagine if you will
A duck strolling across the keys
As gentle and easy as a breeze.

The melodies are so sweet
Rolling on sound waves to greet
With pure beauty and elegance
Similar to a roses fragrance
Wafting by, touching each sense.

Ahhh, how Daffy Down Dilly McDuck The Third
Keeps his quacking down
So he cannot be heard
I cannot say
But he sings right along beak moving in time
Perhaps it’s nothing but a mime.

His joy portrayed in his piano key dance
Is clear to see in his eyes
Laughing with mirth
Oh, did I mention his girth?
He’s shaped like a pear,
What a cute little dear.

You can meet him, it’s real easy, just sit back
While listening to a Mozart piano sonata
And let your imagination out of the sack
You, too can be silly
And see the duck Daffy Down Dilly.


Copyright © 2018

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