Antics in the Rain

A place that I lived in Phoenix had a courtyard of trees.  It was a joy to step outside my front doors because the trees were filled with native desert birds.  I was consistently serenaded by their wondrous vocals.

There was a large variety from hummingbird to desert woodpeckers – that somehow got along with each other just fine.

One day there was a  new addition to the chorus that sung with a completely unique tweet.  The chorus sang in harmony and then the new voice warbled a special melody that makes the songs that were sung even more beautiful.

That chorus of birds inspired poems, took on personalities in the first story in Ladies of the Orb series and also sketches for paintings. They were such wondrous friends!

It was interesting to hear the birds sing but when looking into the trees, I never saw the birds.  The antics and magic started when it rained: the birds come out to play!

Once it rained enough for puddles to form, the birds came out to play!  A line of assorted birds would stand knee deep with their wings outspread taking baths.  To make it more amazing, the birds sang!  I suppose it’s universal to sing in the shower!

Then more antics occur as a Bird Fashion Show begins.  Birds in a line leisurely walking in the rain one after the other, heads held high feathers fanned out like a peacock.

Both the birds in the fashion show and the ones taking puddle baths sang a glorious melody! There’s nothing like nature for inspiration!



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