Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Bridge Over Troubled Water. © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. noai noimageai

Inspiration:  The lovely, talented and amazing artists that I mentor were the inspiration for it.

“Its Beautiful!! ❤ It looks like flowers in another space and time. Magical.” GS

“This one is unique. It speaks to me. It appears that what has been stirred up and created is spreading its beauty and is contagious, imbuing life and beauty and permeating the area around it making everything so much more beautiful!” CW

“Absolutely beautiful!!” TD

“One of my favorites ❤” DC

“Your composition is fabulous. It’s amazing the vividness, transparency and brilliance.” MS

“Beautiful!” JK

“WOW! Exceptional! Even for your stuff. I REALLY like this one! The dynamic moves up and out and down through the bottom of the piece.” MG

“Goooorgeous!” KRM

“Lovely” KC

“Love this and you. You’re the best artist. I love your art so much. It takes me to another perfectly esthetic planet.” RM

“Lost in its beauty!” JAM

“Can’t compete with that.” RH

“beautiful” DG

“So Amazing!!❤️” ABI

“That is fantastic.” LDS

“Lovely!” LN

“The pleasure is mine and your art is 100% spiritual.” TN

“Splendid!!!” GR

© Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich is an Internationally Published and Exhibited Artist. noai noimageai

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