Bringing in the Dawn

Today I found out what birds really do
Their task starts when the morning sky
Gives the glimmer of a new day

That time is called Astronomical Twilight
The time between dawn and sunrise
It’s that time period when the sky is not completely lit
Nor is it completely dark

The birds awaken at the very start of
The Astronomical Twilight
…today it was 4:35am

Every bird
Whether adult or baby
Participates in the feat

As one their song starts
One charming choir
Singing their most heartfelt melody
To appeal to the sun

From Astronomical Twilight to Sunrise
The birds sing in tune
And tirelessly with their request

The sun hears the birds
With the encouragement to rise
Thus brings in a new day

For eons the birds have had their way

© Copyright 2020.

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