Clever Blue Jay Flock + Squirrel Families + Cat + Dog

Clever Blue Jay Flock + Squirrel Families + Cat + Dog = Peaceful!

Blue JayInspiration for the Dreamscapes by ILIAILIA and Berkeley have a magical morning walksquirrel










The ever growing menagerie of squirrels, Blue Jays, Lucifer the cat, other birds and Berkeley (my teacup chihuahua) is ever growing! 

I took Berkeley for a morning walk in the park.  The squirrels, their families and relatives came running up to us asking for peanuts.   As I handed out peanuts to the squirrels who braved a dog, Blue Jays flew in to land on the tree branches overhead.  The Blue Jays also asked for some peanuts, braving the dog the fly in and snatch a peanut.

This morning there were so many more furry and feathered friends!  

Berkeley and I finished our walk but by the time we got to our front porch, our front yard filled up with an addition: Lucifer the Cat.  Lucifer laid down in the grass while Berkeley stood in fascination, both watching the parade that followed us home!

Our little friends were still hungry and it seemed like they invited more of their relatives, both furry and feathered, to join them.  Both dog and cat just watched. 

It was very magical to be included in this scene.   This magic will definitely find its way into a Dreamscape or many!



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