Clickity, clickity, click

Click, Click
Clickity, clickity, click

Shielynn, our princess cat and a poem about her.

Holding herself with a graceful classiness
Head held high, so sweet and filled with bliss

The little lady gently tapped some more
Across the vast expanse of the wood floor

Oblivious, or so it seems,
Of eyes turning her way, filled with dreams

To see the petite princess
Strut in her leopard dress

Why, I wonder in this game,
Don’t the boys sound the same?

The big hulks, while they case
Just pad along silently on the same base

No one noticing the cleverness
Of the guys stealthiness

While the little lady love is the one
Taking the entire show, having all the fun!

© 11 Oct 23

For Shielynn, our princess cat

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