Color Through the Eyes of an Artist

Color Through the Eyes of an Artist

An article about colors from the eyes of an artist by ILIA.

The definition of color found in dictionaries doesn’t explain about the different colors, their meanings and how the meanings change from one country to another.  The feelings and ideas that colors invoke are another subject that doesn’t seem to get enough attention.  Perhaps the problem is that an artist isn’t the one that wrote the definitions!

Here’s some additions to the technical definitions of “color.”

Color can transform an outfit, a room, a business, nature, life and gardens from drab to gorgeous.

Color can be used to express emotions and messages.  Take for instance the color red: red given as a rose expresses an emotion and given as a stop sign it gives a message.  In different cultures red has different meanings.  As an example, in the Asian culture red is considered to mean long life, prosperity and good luck. 

Through the eyes of an artist, the colors of nature at different times of day describe dimensions, change during the day, attract attention and wonderment.  Being able to differentiate different types of birds and butterflies by their markings gives rise to ideas.

Seeing the colors of outfits, make-up, shoes and more is inspiring.  The creativity with which the outfits are put together is uplifting. 

Toddlers, children and adults walking is like watching music in action, add that to colors and there’s a full composition both in visual and performing art.

Life is a canvas!









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