Copyright Alliance Latest Newsletter

Copyright Alliance Latest Newsletter

Although I was totally inspired to write about the latest newsletter from Coputright Alliance, I’m pretty sure that I can’t copy and paste it.  However, if you go to their website you will be able to see the Featured News and get some idea of what this company does for creative and talented folks.

The first action that you should do is join if you aren’t a member already.  By signing up you will then receive the newsletter which is always chock full of amazing information and opportunities.

Then on the Home Page, start exploring the site. 

I’ve been a member of Copyright Alliance for over a decade.  This is the place for creatives to learn about Copyright Law and it’s importance to YOU and YOUR CREATIVE WORKS.  Study the information at the “Education” link to get a full understanding.

Studying the information at the “Copyright Law” link will leave you smiling at how much work has gone into protecting the rights of creative and talented individuals.

Have fun!






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