Criticality in Art is a Sign of a Failing Culture

2002 was the first time I encountered the idea that “Criticality in art is a sign of a healthy, thriving civilization.”  The idea of centuries past of “validating the rightness” seems to have been replaced with “rip-and-shred about the wrongness.”

I belong to many artist groups because of being a multi-talented artist and mentor.  In 2002, before social media, there was a forum for writers and poets that I participated in.  A new poet joined the group, posted a poem and requested that the members go easy on her as it was the first time she ever put her poetry on a public forum.

Instead of the group members listening to her wishes, she was attacked mercilessly.  I was the only one at first to stand up for her.  After several posts and nearly a week, I finally found out that “criticism” was being taught by professors because “if an artist can’t learn to take criticism then he shouldn’t be an artist.”


Today I read online that “Criticality in art is a sign of a healthy, thriving civilization.”  This statement is the complete opposite of the truth.

Here’s the truth:
Validate the Rightness and you will improve the artistic creations of an individual because the more we have artists creating high-quality work, the more it will improve a civilization.


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