Daylight and The Morning Surprise

Yesterday morning, while walking Berkeley (4.5 pound teacup Chihuahua) in our neighborhood park, a pit bull met us on the path. Although the pit bull had a collar on, he had no owner in sight.

Berkeley my teacup chihuahua

Seeing as though a pit bull could possibly chomp down a teacup chihuahua in one bite, I acted so quick that neither dog knew what happened! Without saying a word, I scooped Berkeley up, turned to my left stepped on a bench and then on a picnic table.

The motionless pit bull looked at me with wide eyes!

I then said “Bad Dog. Go Home.” He hesitated then turned and went away. Any time he looked back, I repeated “go home”. In moments the dog was far away so Berkeley and I completed our morning walk.

This morning, about halfway through our walk in the park, the pit bull minus owner showed up again! The only thing close to me was a park bench so I scooped up Berkeley and stood on the bench.

The pit bull got a “oh gee, I remember you” look, turned and walked away.

Afterwards, I wondered if that pit bull thought that I was giant person?

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