Do you do all these Dreamscapes with a paintbrush? Is it acrylic?

Today I received the above interesting questions on social media. Here’s my long winded answer:

Dreamscapes by ILIA post on how dreamscapes are created and why.I have a specific message that I wanted to get across to others. So, I started with oil paints, sold some but wasn’t satisfied with getting my message across. Next, I worked with acrylic paints which is so fun! There’s so much that can be done with inks, paint, textures and more! The create is endless. The sales were good, too. However, the message didn’t get across as well as I wanted.

Around the early 2000’s, I created my own form of art with abstract in acrylics – it was flows of colors. Very pretty, but again the message didn’t get across as well as I wanted it to.

During the decades of working on my own message, I was also mentoring artists (in all fields). I learned how to build websites and found methods that artists could use to market effectively. Thus, I wound up trying and practicing with different graphic programs.

So, being an artist, I started creating. About 8 years ago, I began posting my first tries with my “new toys.” Over the years what I created got more elaborate.

For a dreamscape, I create each piece (which can take anywhere from 25-50 hours for all of the pieces). The fantasy shapes and forms are then fused together into digital art using colors that simulate nature and space (which takes another 10-50 hours), and are intended to reach a person with the message that purposes, dreams and goals can become a reality.

From the feedback I receive, my message does get across.

I don’t think anyone else creates art as I do.

I call what I do “Fine Digital Art” because just as much time goes into a dreamscape as a Fine Art painting (50-100 hours for either).


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