Dream of Hope

Dream of Hope

Underneath the summer moon
I dreamed a dream of hope
The world is not dead and drear
There’s actually magic in the air

A flutter of butterfly wings, is it?
Or the soft delicate petals of a bloom?
Or something more that puts a smile on your face
Like a fairies wings of gossamer lace?

The sky is not the limit on create,
Imagination cannot be stilled unless you agree.
So, take my hand and lets dance in space
Spin and whirl, grinning, laughing…lets pick up the pace!


2 Replies to “Dream of Hope”

  1. I love your poem. It reminded me of one I wrote and thought I would share it here:
    Musical Dance Takes Flight
    The sound of music dancing through the air,
    Making its’ way into the experience of the listener.
    Setting emotional expression, laughter, and saltation.
    Taking a dip , a rise, and a backward swirl, through
    the fantasies of imagination, taking a rest, then blasting
    off into spaces not before existing, to find its’ own place of grandeur.

    Multiplying itself til its’ variations of pitch, rhythm and tone are
    no longer limited by the physical ear, nor other objects with limits.
    Spreading itself thin, then, like a thunderous roar heard never before,
    explodes onto the scene with a sureness that would shake the weak of heart. Then as it searches out new spaces to reach into, it makes a call of want. A demand for exactness. And disciplining itself against its’ own heights of exactitude’s, finishes its’ thought with a finale needing no explanation. And its’ creator, jubilously spent, satisfied for the moment, glances into the future for slight traces of what’s next to come.

    Robert E. Lawrason Jr.
    © 17 August 1985

    * saltation – n. 1. the act of leaping, jumping or dancing.

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