Dreamscape Commissions

Commissions for Dreamscapes. As I specialize in art that takes people to places they haven’t been before, creating dreamscape commissions is much different than requesting a portrait, a furry friend painting or other types of commissions.  Dreamscapes are fantasy forms and designs that are fused together into digital art which simulates the colors of nature and space.  Each one is uniquely different.

What goes into the creation of a Dreamscape?  I created and practiced the technique for Dreamscapes for many years to get it to this level.  Making a Dreamscape has several steps: create the fantasy forms and designs, change into an image format, then fuse it together into digital art by utilizing colors and mood lines.  Including all steps, each Dreamscape can take anywhere from 50 to 100 hours.  I include the inspiration that’s around me, including music.

Please fill out the form below.  In it you can choose a fantasy or floral dreamscape, colors you would like included, the type of space you plan to hang it in, the size needed and any other details that describe what you particularly want.

What to expect:  You will receive a few different designs to choose from; this may take up to two weeks to create a design especially for you.  Once that step is done, the surface is chosen; surfaces are archival paper, archival canvas or metal print.  You will also receive a free bonus gift of a Certificate that states the authenticity of the Dreamscape.

Guarantee. If we keep working together be assured that I can always come up with a Dreamscape that fits with your vision.  YOUR DREAMSCAPE WILL NEVER BE DUPLICATED, COPIED OR SOLD TO ANYONE ELSE.   Other designs created that you don’t want will be added to the Dreamscape collection on this site.

Cost.  The cost for a commissioned Dreamscape is $500 plus the printing on the surface you want (the range is $62 to $450 which depends on size and surface) plus shipping expenses.  A Certificate of Authenticity is a free bonus gift.

Payment.  An invoice will be sent to your email for half upfront to get started ($250) and another invoice will be sent upon your approval of the Dreamscape design.