Dreamscapes by ILIA: Aspirations

The inspiration for “Aspirations” was my crow who flew by just to say hi on his way to some other place. I was also inspired by a mix of classical music, including Mozart, Vivaldi, Loeillet, Telemann and Purcell.

Aspirations Dreamscape by ILIA. © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.Here’s what’s being said about “Aspirations”:
“It’s something amazing that I never saw before!!! You are a true pioneer. An Artist’s Artist!!!” RR

“Beautiful. It reminds me of the mesas on the Hopi Reservation.” TD

“Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this beautiful dreamscape!” SM

“Beautiful!” PN

“It’s beautiful! Definitely looks like another planet. 💚💙” GS

“That’s lovely really is” LF

“Stunning…colors and motion!” CJK

“outstanding” IB

“Beautiful!!” BF

“Nice!” NF

“It’s a very spiritual piece” CJK

“Beautiful” DH

“Beautiful and ethereal!” TA

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