Evidence of the Planet Artists

Way, way back in the ages of old, it was widely understood that artists did indeed create the world. The artists were named by their activities such as The Artist of Dawn, The Sky Painter, The Artist of the Land, The Magic of the World Artist, The Artist of Sound and many more.

To mankind each day was a joy even though filled with toil. The people of the world looked forward to the break of dawn as it was different each day. The melody of wind through trees or the tinkle of glass snowflakes was a melodic accompaniment to daily activities. The fog rolling through the woods and across water made the hearts of many sing with delight. With such constant reminders, the people did indeed thank the artists that actively created the world from moment to moment.

All people except one that is. That was Aruzapod, a very practical man, who didn’t believe in the artists that created the world. All was here just because it was and there wasn’t anything special about it.

Aruzapod attended every gathering in order to speak up about his beliefs. Whenever someone would challenge him, his only response was “Where’s the evidence? Did you see the artist at work? What’s real is real and that’s all there is.”

Children from the village grew up listening to Aruzapod’s so-called wisdom and when they went out into the world Aruzapod’s word was spread. Many ages later, people were too involved with toil and trouble to pay attention to the magnificent works of art designed each day.

The Artists of the World never stopped creating their live paintings, nature melodies and vast array of wonders. Each morning the sky was entirely different and every day held magical surprises. Ages passed with a never ending variety that didn’t repeat itself, not even once, not even one moment to the next.

The world went on with destruction and solutions. It seemed for a while that destruction would win out and mankind would become extinct. But technology that captured art when it happened came into existence.

Cameras that took still photographs, recording devices that caught the nature music, moving pictures that showed the changes and more technical devices were able to capture magical works. At first there was just amazement but soon it was concluded that there really was magic in the world. It wasn’t so mundane after all.

Then one day, the works of the Sunset Artist were caught on camera by a lady named Vicki. A picture at a time was recorded only moments apart, each one completely different. It was shared far and wide via the technology of the day.

Hope and dreams got reignited. Joy rose at the recognition of the Artists of the World. The planet thrived forever more.


This Tale was inspired by the photography of Vicki Norton.

A tale inspired by the photographs of Vicki Norton, 30 Dec 18
© copyright 2018. ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich. All Rights Reserved.

21 Replies to “Evidence of the Planet Artists”

  1. What a lovely lovely lovely story and an incredibly artistic way to introduce another’s art. Just beautiful. Keep on creating!

  2. I am new to your writings but loved the story you created from Vicki’s sunset pictures. I love them as well 💕🌅🌄

  3. Oh my gosh!! I’m in in tears!! This is so very beautiful Leigh Ann! I’m truly honored you wrote this for me and my photography! Thank you 100 fold! I will be using this as a preface to my photography book!!!

    Treasured words!! Thank you again Leigh-Ann!!!

    Love. Vicki

    1. Wow Vicki! I’m so very happy that I touched your heart because you & your photography really touched mine!

      You’re welcome!
      Love. Leigh-Ann.

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