Feedback and Name Suggestions Please

This is a new dreamscape added to my current series. I enjoy receiving your feedback about my works of art. Name suggestions are always welcome, too.

I appreciate your responses so much that I’m re-implementing a game: The person that suggests the winning name receives an 8×10 print of it!

I first posted it on my personal Facebook page to get ideas on what to name it. Below are the responses.

Here’s 2 comments:
“I like to perceive them as a fleet of patriots, enroute to aide peoples in peril. Hope they have our address.” D.A.
“I love the magical look and colors… I just want to say that I really have been liking your new series of artworks. Very beautiful.” C.W.

unnamed-27-Nov-16 by ILIA. Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

Here’s name suggestions for it:
Blue moon
Magical city on a cloud
Twilight Magic
spirtual gathering
Silver Ships
sky sails
Moving On
New Adventure
Castles in the Sky
To the Rescue
Angels from Outer Space
Rescue Mission
Angels in Flight
Birds on the Wing
galaxy sailing
dream sailing
icy flame
Beyond the imagination
Ooh! Oasis!
Reaching for the stars! Having a star high goal…
a fleet of dreamships
Celestial sails
the battle for our consciousness
dream ships on an ocean of imagination
Dream Sails

Do you like any of these?  Or do you have a suggestion of your own?  Please leave a comment below.

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