Flowercy – Flower and Poetry

‘Flowercy – Flower and Poetry’ is one of my personal favorites.

I once created a garden in an empty/plain dirt courtyard of an apartment building I lived in. The courtyard really looked awful, so I got busy cutting out sections and pathways to make it look aesthetic.

It became a neighborhood project with businesses, friends and nearly complete strangers donating plants and seeds to make it grow. And, boy did it! Shortly it was quite an amazing garden!

I say amazing because, quite honestly, nothing should have been able to grow there as the dirt was so poor. Yet this garden thrived and created some of the most unique and magical moments!

One day as I walked the sidewalk to the garden, a butterfly flew up and kissed me on the lips, then flew away.

Another time, and this is the inspiration for ‘Flowercy – Flower and Poetry’, I had a plant that wasn’t doing very well. I babied the plant with extra vitamins and fertilizer. I talked to the plant, giving it encouragement. I admired the plant. Soon it started doing well so I would check on it every now and again to give it a little more love.

One morning as I went about the daily garden routine, I felt as if I needed to look behind me. The feeling didn’t go away, so I looked only to see a very proud plant with a simply glorious white bloom. It had a little dew on it and the sun ‘just happened’ to hit it perfectly to make a sparkle.

I’m proud of being able to capture the beautiful moment! 🙂


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