For The Birds…

Seems that I have been inspired once again by birds – this time by a sea bird, an egret. I was sitting in a park and a fashionable lady decided that it was time for a snack.  She passed by within only a few feet of me while she elegantly prowled for bugs and lizards.

I absolutely loved the way she walked and held herself. She moved her neck while she took long graceful steps. When she climbed the small set of stairs, she held her head high and proud.

…and inspired a poem…

An Ode to an Egret

Of course, being pristine white
Gives one the right
To strut her stuff

Strolling along
With neck so very long
Feathers all a fluff

Such an elegant stance
Makes you think of romance
But she is also tough

Although large, totally petite
With graceful legs and feet
Just a glimpse of her is enough

But this little princess
In her feather dress
Looked like a puff

As she sat on a chair
Feet swinging in the air
Showing off all her stuff

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