Furry and Feathered Friends

Furry and Feathered Friends

Imagine walking out your front door to see many breeds of nature friends?

This adventure started a few years ago with one pregnant looking female squirrel.  She stood straight up with her front paws as if she was begging for food, “Please, do you have some food for me? I’m hungry.”

Of course, I fed her.  I now have over a dozen squirrels that hang out in both my front and side yards.

Soon birds showed up liking the squirrel food (peanuts).  First there were bluebirds, then cardinals, followed by three different types of woodpeckers.  Then little birds showed up, doves came by and blue jays.  I’ve now been honored to have black birds that sit on the peak of my roof to send out a call for all his friends, telling all that “food is served”.

I have no idea how many birds visit here daily but I think their manners are amazing.  In will swoop a bluebird, he lands, picks up some food and takes off, as soon as he leaves, another bird will arrive, then a squirrel, then more birds – one at a time.

To top it off, I have two kinds of butterflies: yellow and monarch that happily live in my yard and two feral cats! 

This menagerie are often part of the inspiration for my dreamscapes.





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