Furry, Feathered and My Crow

Inspiration for Dreamscape by ILIAEvery two days is when I put out new seeds, nuts and fruits in my side yard “sanctuary.”  Today it was feeding time, but this time I did it with a difference, I took my camera with me!

After I put the food out, I stood back to catch the show on film.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast so many different birds and furry friends can show up!  And, how long the parade lasts. 

I did get pictures of doves, bluejays and squirrels.  Although the birds and squirrels look alike, it’s really different ones.  Look closely, you may find that there’s more in the photo than you first saw!

The red-headed Woodpecker was too fast!

The parade of a variety of birds lasted for hours afterwards. Perhaps next time I’ll catch them.

As I was fixing to go inside, my crow showed up and posed for me.  I love this guy.  A few days ago he sat on my roof and called to me, so I went outside with peanuts and threw one a few feet away.  He scooped it up.  Before he flew off he looked right at me with thankful eyes, posed, then off he went with his prize.

He was shortly duplicated by two Blue Jays that wanted peanuts, too.

Today my crow decided to pose for me before going to the seed, nut and fruit dish.  He’s a wonderful friend to have!

Inspiration for Dreamscapes by ILIA Inspiration for Dreamscapes by ILIA








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