Going Green In A City

Have you noticed the air quality in any city in the world? Or any farming area? Have you ever noticed the air quality from an airplane? There’s a haze.  It covers everything.

We can do something about it.

Just imagine if you will that every single roof in a city with a garden on top of it. Vegetables, flowers, herbs, bushes and trees. Green on every single rooftop.

The future city sky-scapes not only look totally different but also have a forest on the top of the buildings making the air sweet and clean. Other benefits could be shade for the streets below, helping cool buildings and removing harmful compounds.

It’s not only a dream but it’s happening in cities across the world!

YOU can start doing something about it, too with everyday living. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Arbor Day Foundation will send you 10 free trees when you get a membership.
  • There is also the United Nations Environment Program Billion Trees where you can pledge a tree.
  • You can get free organic seeds to grow your own veggies.  Look for heirloom and organic seeds.
  • Find out what you can recycle in your city or town, get a community project to set up collection areas with collection bins. Do a google search for ‘methods to increase recycling.’
  • Change over to a water saving toilet or a no water toilet, do a search on google for ‘water saving toilet’ and ‘no water toilet.’
  • Use ‘solar collecting windows’ by doing a google search. The windows can collect the energy during the sunlight periods of the day and provide light at night and also have many other high-tech applications such as charging your cell phone.
  • Use solar collecting lamp posts for personal property plus cities can change the street lights to be solar powered. Imagine every city in the world lighting up the night with solar powered street lights?!
  • Use solar shades and solar curtains. Solar curtains and shades not only protect the house or apartment from sunshine at hot times of the day but also can collect the sunshine to light up the space. Perfect for apartments, homes and businesses.
  • Rooftop systems to collect water for city dwellers. Water collected can be stored and re-directed to water the rooftop gardens.
  • Driving cars that add oxygen to the atmosphere. In high school, Param Jaggi invented an algae-filled device that fits over a car’s tailpipe and turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. Now he’s working on a thermo-voltaic wind system that can be installed in an exhaust system to capture energy from waste air and heat. You can find out more at Hatch Technologies on Facebook.
  • Breeze ways used to be used effectively for centuries prior to air conditioning. Additions of breeze ways can be added to the present buildings. During hot months, the breeze ways can be opened and during colder weather the assembly can be closed to form a barrier between the outside cold and the inside building – insulation. This can be furthered worked out to be stone or brick with a garden on the ground floor. Solar powered ceiling fans can be installed at the top to circulate the air.
  • Imagine a car whose seats stay cool, without any electrical usage, no matter how hot the inside of the vehicle gets. That would cut down on air conditioner usage during hot weather. And, how about the same seats providing heat when its cold.  It could be called ‘smart seats’. The ‘smart seats’ can be made to be installed in any type of vehicles – old or new.  The same ‘smart seats’ technology can be created to be used in the home on couches and chairs. Perhaps the technology can be expanded to include the flooring or rug. The ‘smart seats’ could also be customized as the ‘smart mattress.’


aka Leigh-Ann Edrich
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