Guiding Children, Teens and Young Adults

Guiding Children, Teens and Young Adults

A Blog post about Supporting The Arts and Performing Arts with childrens, teens and young adult activities.

There’s so many examples of what The Arts and Preforming Arts can do to change the situations of one person to many and even the world. 

The Los Angeles Arts District started off as an abandoned warehouse area full of crime but artists in all fields changed the area.  It’s expanded, it’s been revitalized and now known worldwide.

Another, more recent phenomenal artist arrived at the Britain’s Got Talent show about six years ago: Tokio Myers!  His story is exactly to the point of this post, which is The Arts and Performing Arts can instill a positive purpose and drive into a young person.  The positive purpose and drive does navigate a child through to adulthood, and impact others with an inspirational message. 

For the next example you will need to know what Polymath means: A person with extraordinarily broad and comprehensive knowledge.

A polymath and accomplished artist, Leonardo da Vinci, gave us inventions.  Some of which haven’t been built yet!

Supporting activities for children, teens and young adults in the fields of The Arts, Performing Arts and even Sports will help improve our civilization!



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