HMVC Gallery’s first art show for children!

HMVC Gallery’s first art show for children!

HMVC Gallery describes this FREE for Children ages 5-17 opportunity as “This November we’d like to give our Thanks to our community by celebrating the future legends of the art world ie. Children.

We firmly believe that art plays a vital role in children’s development, allowing them to discover their unique abilities, build confidence, and communicate their thoughts and emotions. And so we are proud to announce our very first HMVC Gallery New York group art show for children where budding young artists get to showcase their creativity and imagination!

You can find out more by clicking here.

I thoroughly did my research and found out that HMVC Gallery New York is a good company that truly has their actions in place in order to carry out their purpose of helping artists.

In the Terms and Conditions, I found out that the Gallery follows Copyright, Proprietary Rights, and Other Restricted Content, applicable Laws
and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  You can find out more here

On the FAQ page are some questions that should be asked when considering a gallery to work with.  HMVC Gallery has a very high score in this area!  Below are a two of the vitally important answers.

Do I retain the rights to my images and artwork?
Yes, absolutely. We may use your image to promote the exhibition, but you have the option to accept/decline this before you submit your work.

How much is your commission fee?
Our commission fee for artworks sold through our site is 10%. We do not believe in taking a big chunk out of the artist’s hard earned sell, and the 10% we take will go towards website management and HMVC team’s salaries.

Here’s the link to get more information and submit to this Children’s Art Call.

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