How Else Can You Sell That _______?

When I read about  some “so-called” artist mentors I practically want to cry.

This morning I read an article about a young man that started showing an art (painting) talent in grammar school. He was guided along and although he’s had some success, he now works in a bakery decorating cakes with a hope to go to college to learn graphic design.

Do you see anything wrong with this?

Here’s what I see…
1. Creative and talented people are the ones that are ahead of the sciences and the culture. They’re the ones that dream up new realities.
2. If you’re already talented – why go to a school to learn? In days of old, the apprentice system was used. Find techniques of others that you want to learn and ask for some one-on-one lessons.
3. There was no mention of learning how to run a business or how to promote. This is VITAL if an artist wants to make a living with his/her creations.

If you’re a creative and talented person that wants to make a living with your creations, then you will also need to have the basics of business and marketing.

I found out how to run a business and how to market. When I mentor an artist, the plan we come up with includes accomplishing the dreams the person has.  Never once do I agree to compromise.

If you want to get going right away, you can start by asking yourself “how else can I sell that ___________?”

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