Incredible Comments About My Dreamscapes!

Incredible Comments About my recent 46 International Wins & My Dreamscapes!

Sharing my wins and the dreamscapes that made it happen with my followers is an amazing action to do.  Not only am I quite excited about the ever increasing amount of international wins, others are too!

Right now the tally is 46 international wins in 32 weeks.  I believe I made history with this winning streak! 

The dreamscape that the comments are regarding is “Dreams Come True.”

Dreams Come True dreamscape by ILIA. © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich. noai noimageai

Here’s some of the recent comments:

“So awesome! Your stunningly beautiful pieces are being rightly recognized! ” KBB

“This is amazing!” RDM

“Way to go, champ!” DA

“Beautiful!!” JK

“You just keep rolling!!!” RM

“Incredible!” MJL

“Not surprising at all! I’m sure you’re breaking your world record with all these awards that are well deserved!” JG

“That’s amazing!!!” RC

“OMG , That’s totally awesome. Very well done.” TE

“Wow! And more wows!!!” RR

“So fabulous!!” MS

“Fantástico!!!!” JGL

“HOLY Jumpin’ Geronimo!!!! NOW that is getting somewhere! That is So Wonderful!
Everybody’s gonna know your name eventually. I am SOO Happy for you!” RRO

“Wow! Impressive!” RP

“Just Wow WOW !!” BP

“You deserve it. Your art is very unique and inspiring spiritually.” LL

“Oooh. So lovely” BP

“That is beautiful Leigh-Ann !!” DHR

“Gorgeous!” TD

“Beautiful 🧡” QV

“Lovely” MS

“Awesome!” KBB

A great big thank you to the above for the amazing responses.

Best Regards,

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