Inspiration and Experience

Inspiration and Experience

This blog post is about how inspiration comes in many forms - not only what's happening in the present but also the inspiration in the past.

The current time, the music, the furry and feathered friends, the artists I’ve helped and those that have helped me all play a factor when creating each piece of art.   

The past experiences that are special moments also contribute to the create.  Each time I think about the special moments, I smile with a twinkle in my eyes.

Here’s some of the past stories I’ve written about:

Cats, Dogs, Birds and Squirrels
Just when I thought I saw magic, it got even better.

An Egret
A lovely lady stopped by at a time that I needed beautiful company.

Antics of a Baby Bird
What do you do when you didn’t get it right? You practice.

A Playful Hummingbird
A Special Morning Treat.

My Mentor Ralph E. Grimes
After bullying, discouragement, “it can’t be done” and other various comments, my creativity stopped and I was being a roofer which is a far cry from a poet, writer and visual artist.  Then, when life looked like it was the worst ever, I wound up with not only a very good friend but also a mentor.

Many more stories exist that are very special moments to me which will always be inspiration that influences my dreamscapes.




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