Just Like Every Other Day: Special in it’s Own Way

Fog greeted us as we stepped out into the slightly chilly morning.  It hung in suspension in the windless air.

Quiet pervaded the neighborhood as we silently stood observing the wonders around us.  It was such a magical moment that we had no desire to disturb it.

Silently turning to look in every direction, taking in the extraordinary morning scene with it’s sleeping houses, no vehicles driving by, not even a bird singing.  No other person was outside.

My dog and I were the first to break the magic morning spell as we started to briskly walk on the sidewalk.

It was just like every other day…very special in it’s own way.

…amazingly enough, yesterday ended with fog.  The park lamp posts that usually give a bit of light were amplified with the fog, it looked like a bright wonderland.  The day ended with an exclamation point…

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