Life is a Canvas

What would the world be like without art? How would your life be?

The variety and shades and hues of colors would not exist! There would only be no real colors – just black and white; no one would bother to try to create shades and combinations.

Patterns, plaids, styles, and designs – not a single one would be. No hairstyles, no coloring, shapeless clothes life potato sacks, basic shoes carelessly cared for and no make-up.

Music, musical notes, beautiful singing voices, instruments to accompany them – not a sound would be heard of the wonders.

Albums of family, vacations and pet pictures of course would not be either-no photos, no videos, no movies, no photographers, no cameras or cell phones with apps.

No dancers dancing, no actors acting…

Buildings would look more like drab warehouses with no windows or interesting angles or colors.

Vehicles would not be sporty or colorful or any shape really (drive your blob today). No motorcycles, sport boats, no gliders, no fun toys like remote control cars and certainly no racing cars.

No stationary pretty or embossed or elegant; no craft supplies…

Furniture would only be rudimentary, not fashionable and certainly not built for comfort.

No area in life remains untouched by The Arts. Even when times are sad or bad or upsetting – you can always hum a tune, dance, listen to music, draw, practice your acting, watch videos… With The Arts life is alive with adventure.

Art is more than beautiful works.

Life is a canvas.

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