Life is Magic

This morning while walking our bitsy Berko, 4.5 pounds of cuteness, I saw magic.  The first hint of the magic to come was a single drop of water that plopped onto my cheek when I entered the park.  Seeing as it was morning, it woke me up!

As we were walking I noticed that the trees were intermittently shedding water that cascaded down like a miniature rainstorm that was instantly there and then gone just as fast.

So there we were, Berkeley sniffing out the newest smells and me watching the little rain wonder occurring.  When we got about three quarters of the way through our walk, I saw the magic…

Across the small neighborhood street, in between two houses, several trees were shimmering with white sparkles.  Sunlight was hitting the water that was on the leaves while wind was gently wafting through.  I wondered how to create the music to accompany it as the sound would be exquisite.  The magic only lasted a few minutes, then the sun ascended into the sky.

As if putting the dot on the exclamation point, just a little farther was another smattering of shimmering trees but this time the sparkles were colored!  Whites, yellows, golds and one incredible ruby red sparkle.

There’s nothing better than starting the day with magic.





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