Marketing & What Happened for Me…

Marketing & What Happened for Me…

For many years, I have been working towards Purposes and Message to get across with my art. 

The information about getting across a Message with art can be found in the Art Book by L. Ron Hubbard.  The Message I work at is “Purposes, Dreams and Goals can be achieved.”

The main purpose as an artist that I work towards is “To Inspire Others To Create” with an addendum of “and provide ways to make a living with their works of art.

I’ve been researching out marketing services, followed through on hunches and found ways to get the word out continuously. I’ve used my own sites and myself as the guinea pig in the experiments. Whatever worked, I added to or created services to help other artists.  There’s a brand new service that I’ve worked on for many years which will be launching soon!  I’ll mention more about it as the launch date gets closer.

Using myself & my art along with Help 2 Succeed as the test sites, I recently checked to find out my personal statistics on Google:
Leigh-Ann Edrich can be found on 212,000 web pages
Leigh-Ann Edrich aka ILIA can be found on 74,100 web pages
Created by Ilia – has over 3 million search results but not all are for my art. The topmost result is though and there’s many that are related to that result.
Help-2-succeed has over 3 million – alas not all the entries are for my site, however there are a major amount of entries for my site and it’s in the top place on a google search.


Recently I’ve been focusing on helping other artists to get the word out. I’ve been adding some very good articles about Art Marketing and Art Business on the Help 2 Succeed blog. Then keeping an eye on my statistics to find out what has been working. Click here to read about the testimonials.

I realized that this takes marketing to a whole new level: if you get your name out there consistently, you will not only be found but also be recognized and other people will start helping you to achieve your goals.

I can say that this is very true because that has been happening with my art.

All the Best Wishes for YOUR Success,

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