My Digital Art

My digital art is created with fractals – from 1- 25 fractal images.  I also use Adobe Photoshop for a huge assortment of effects and colors.  Each fractal piece of a dreamscape I create takes an hour or two depending on the size of the file.  Each dreamscape itself is the work of 50 to 100 hours to accomplish.

Putting the Dreamscape together is amazing because I don’t plan out the piece.  I create it with the inspiration that’s around me.  The inspiration always includes music, my best friend (Berkeley the Singing Dog), nature, birds, squirrels plus the good things that are happening in life.  It might also include other inspiration, too.

It’s my own little wonderland.

I have a huge variety of shapes, forms and designs that I fit into the Dreamscape.  Sometimes I have to add or take away from the part I’m using.  Then adjust the colors and the Mood Lines in order to create the effects and the message that I want in the Dreamscape. 

Many, many moons ago I started with this style of art.  My first pieces were amateur but have evolved to become quite sophisticated over the years. 

This last year my digital works have taken quite a leap.  The feedback I’ve received over the last year has been very encouraging.  Thank you very much for following along with my creations.




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