My Newest Dreamscape is “Futures Awakening”

My Newest Dreamscape is “Futures Awakening”
An announcement about my newest dreamscape titled "Futures Awakening." © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich is an Internationally Published and Exhibited Artist. noai noimageai

“Futures Awakening” was inspired from the beautiful classical music I listen to, to my sanctuary which has an entire flock of Blue Jays, an entire flock of Crows, a flock of doves, a large assortment of other birds, at least 12 squirrels, Lucifer the cat that only watches over this group and our best buddy, Berkeley the teeny and cute dog (Teacup Chihuahua) who watches the gathering in fascination.

This dreamscape took a lot longer than usual.  My guesstimate on time was 125 hours to accomplish! 

Here’s what people are saying about it:
“It looks like a Dream Bubble… 🙂” DHR

“Very nice” TE

“So beautiful!!!!!” CL

“So magical!! An amazing universe.” MS

“These are just amazing!” CS

“Wow!” MKW

“Spectacular! Thats my reaction.” CWS

“Spectacular!” RDM

“I really love this one! 🙂” RP

“Superb- ethereal- stunning, as always!” KBB

“I like the colours!” SJ


“Beautiful art piece!” RLL

“Love it!” SM

“Oooo I like this one a lot!🥰” JS

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