New Friends – Training and Feeding Time

A few years ago, when living in Phoenix, something very magical occurred in my front garden. A Mama desert wren was instructing her baby. It looked like a game of tag.
The baby wren was practicing flying and while doing so was also feeding from the blooms on the Lysiloma and Paulo Verde trees.
I had many hummingbirds that visited my gardens so thought at first that the little baby was a hummingbird because of how little he was and how fast he was fluttering his wings.
But after carefully watching, I realized that it was a very cute, teeny desert wren.
The mother desert wren flew to a branch and as soon as the baby arrived , she flew to the next.
The baby wren worked hard to keep up with his mom but just like little kids everywhere got hungry fast so took breaks to sip nectar. It was cute to see him beat his wings rapidly to maintain his position.
It was impressive how much the mother wren cared for her baby. She hovered at a slight distance trying her best to not interfere or be over-protective.
The show went on outside my window for several minutes. With a smile on my face at being so privileged to see such fun and magic, Getting baby-bird flight practice time in, I watched as momma bird got her baby to follow rapidly from branch to branch higher and then lower – round and round the trees.
Where’s the camera when you need it? 8)

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