New Home for the Dreamscape titled Ocean Sunset

Ocean Sunset DreamscapeThe colors of the Ocean Sunset Dreamscape that I created are perfect for the waiting area of Voicercise!  It’s such a fitting place because of the singing and music that occurs there. 

Ocean Sunset was inspired by the amazing sunsets that occur over the ocean in central Florida.   The sunsets are never the same.  Each one is such an amazing display with the colors and flows.  It looks like an artist created each one!  I was so inspired by a photograph that a local artist took, that I wrote a tale titled Evidence of the Planet Artists.

Sometimes the sky is completely clear while other times, there’s amazing clouds that enhance, change and even amplify the colors in sky and sea.  🙂

Even though Ocean Sunset is hanging on the wall at Voicercise, you can still purchase it.  It can be printed on archival paper, canvas, metal, wood, glass and many other surfaces.  It can also be printed on Home Decor Items.  Contact me to find out more.  I’ll send along more information about sizes, prices and links.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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