Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a hag. She didn’t start as a hag, she was actually a sunshiny beautiful person that had a gorgeous smile.

Even though she was an older lady, wrinkles on her face and a sort of general tired look overall, when she smiled, she lit up a room and looked as if she just got younger by 25 years!

It was beautiful to be in her space and enjoy the sunshine of her happiness.

To be a part of that sunshine that radiated throughout her living space and bask in the validations was very nice.

Seems that jealousy is not a pretty thing. It is a torture to the user.

The beautiful bright sunshine turned into gloomy dark storms when jealousy reared it’s ugly head. It is like a serpent thrashing out and the bite really hurts the victim. But this particular serpent of jealousy has two sets of teeth.

The jealousy serpent strikes out and bites it’s victim but it takes just that much of the serpents sunshine to accomplish it.

One bite, cloudy skies; second bite, grey skies; third bite, lightening; and more strikes and bites…a massive roiling storm that engulfs the serpent in it’s entirety.

And, so, she was engulfed with jealousy and spite and became a hag.


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