Practice Makes Perfect – That Includes Baby Birds


Dreamscapes by ILIA story about practice and baby birdThe fruit and nuts were put out for my furry and feathered friends, my studio window was open, Berkeley and I were watching the parade of visitors to our yard.  All was good.

The bluebirds, bluejays, doves, woodpeckers, crow and other feathered friends kept an orderly line going.  First one then another flew in, picked up some food and flew off just in time for the next one to drop in.

All was good until a very cute baby bird flew in with wings stretched wide.  He made a lovely entrance and amazing landing.  All birds in the vicinity flew away.  The little guy won his chance to get food…except he couldn’t figure out how to get from the edge of the table to the bowl of goodies!  So, he was chased off.

He tried again a little while later to no avail.

A while later, I looked out the back window.  There was the cute baby bird again but he was on the ground hopping.  I watched to ensure he wasn’t hurt.  Hop, hop, hop he went then turned around and did it again and again.

Another older bird flew by to question the little guy and ask if he was okay.  All the while the baby bird practiced.  Hop, hop, hop he went. 

It wasn’t long before it dawned on me that the baby bird was practicing!  He had the landing down and could land on a table, but he wasn’t able to hop to the dish with the food in it!

With a bit more practice, the baby flew off again to concur the table landing and the hop to the food dish.  He accomplished it!  Yum!  Was that ever a victory!!

Practice makes perfect.




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