Questions about Crows

Questions about Crows

A Crow - new member of my living menagerie

I now have a magnificent crow that has decided to take on some duties for the menagerie that calls my yard their home. 

He has claimed the peak of my roof as the best way to survey the area.   Now, when I go outside with a bowl full of seeds, fruit and peanuts, he lets his bird and squirrel friends know it’s food time!

He will also watch over me when I’m gardening to ensure that I’m doing well.  A few days ago he came to the edge of the awning to carry on a conversation with me.  To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I was chirping as responses to his but it seemed to  be understood by him because we had quite a lengthy chat.  I’m pretty sure he wanted peanuts, so I got him some.

Seems that was the correct item as he had fun scooping down to pluck a peanut from the ground, flying back up to the roof to break it open and chomp down on the peanuts inside.

I did my research on crows to find out if it’s a good or bad bird to have around.  Despite the stories of terrible, scary black birds, crows are good guys!  They eat bad insects and also take care of any trash in the area.  

So, now I have a new friend.  I’ll have to practice his language.  🙂

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