Sassy Replies to Email Subject Lines

A subject line in an email advertisement should make you want to act – preferably by opening the email and looking at the offer. Because of some really goofy subject lines, I don’t open the email.

However, the amount of nonsense emails really got out of hand, so I decided to do something about it…

Some Sassy Replies To Email Subject Lines

Subject: Who’s the King?
Reply: Elvis

Subject: Something BIG just hit…something very BIG!
Reply: …and it splattered all over the sidewalk, YUCK!

Subject: This one thing ______ is ________
Reply: That is so ________!

Subject: Dollarz Blaster – It Works While You Sleep!
Reply: …and have nightmares as your hard earned money is tossed out the window

Subject: Got Ten Bucks?
Reply: Yes…and I’m gonna keep it.

Subject: Systems Work, People Fail
Reply: I don’t agree, so I won’t read your email!

Subject: People Fail – – Systems Work
Reply: Sounds like the other one, Must be a Quirk

Subject: Shhhh! Can You Keep a Secret?
Reply: Nah! I don’t want to.

Subject: Don’t! Mom’s Only!
Reply: My Gosh! I certainly Won’t!

Subject: Why? Advise Please…
Reply: Why what?

Subject: Have You Seen This?
Reply: No

Subject: you are not jumping off the cliff…
Reply: You got that right! I’m sitting at my computer!

Subject: “Stop! You’re Not Qualified to Read This!”
Reply: Fine! I won’t!

Subject: Soon to be Gone Forever
Reply: Oh Well, guess I missed it

Subject: Do Not Ignore! Trust Me!!! Man
Reply: I’m a woman!

Subject: Don’t Give Up!
Reply: I wasn’t considering it!

Subject: Hi Check This Out before Midnight
Reply: ooops! It arrived too late!

Subject: Please Help Me Out Today « DON’T DELETE»
Reply: Okay, I won’t delete today, but tomorrow I will…hope that helps!

Subject: Congrats for joining…
Reply: but I didn’t!!!

Subject: Finily Made Easy
Reply: What’s a Finily?

Reply: What? What? Where did it go???

Subject: DO NOT DELETE! This is what you were looking for!
Reply: Nope. I’m sure it isn’t what I was looking for.

Subject: Make money with your computer
Reply: …by selling it

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