Sixth Win of 2023 the Femina Exhibition is now LIVE!!

Crowning Glory Dreamscape by . © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.ILIAMy Sixth Win of 2023, the Femina Exhibition is now LIVE!!  The Dreamscape that won is Crowning Glory!!  The exhibition duration is from March 08, 2023 till April 08, 2023. 

Here is the main link of Femina 2023 smart group exhibition:

The Dreamscapes by ILIA page in the exhibition can be accessed by the below link:
Femina 2023 – ILIA

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Imagine my surprise when I opened my email to find…

On Thursday, Mar 2, 2023 I received this email:

We are honored to inform you that your artwork has been selected to be showcased at Femina 2023 international online group exhibition.

Wishing you all the best,
Gallerium Art Exhibitions


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