Squirrels Recognizing is Interesting, but a Blue Jay??!!

A few years ago, a pregnant squirrel asked for food because she was very hungry.  This was the start of what I now call a sanctuary in my side yard.  At first squirrels stopped by, then blue birds, cardinals, three different kinds of woodpeckers and more.  Now the group has expanded to blue jays, doves, teeny birds, an amazing crow that perches on the peak of my roof announcing “food time” to all.

One lovely thing occurred about a year ago.  Whenever I walked my dog, a teacup chihuahua, in the park, squirrels came running up to me!  So, I started bringing peanuts along on our walks.  Even though Berkeley is a dog, he understands about the squirrels and never goes after them.  So, many of the squirrels will come right up to me to get a peanut, knowing there’s no danger.

The walk this morning started off normally with a squirrel running up to me asking for a peanut which I gave him.  He happily held it in his mouth and ran off to a safe space to enjoy his morning treat.

Then a beautiful Blue Jay landed on a branch in a tree next to Berkeley and I.  His intention was perfectly clear, “can I have a peanut, too?”  So, I tossed the peanut on the sidewalk and stepped back a couple feet.  That rascal Blue Jay swept down, picked up his prize and flew off!!

Have a magical day!






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