Stay Your Hand…

Sometimes art sites sound absolutely fantastic.  The service that’s delivered sounds perfect.  It’s just what you were looking for.  The company has already established a wonderful list to market your art to.  You will be taken good care of…

Three pages into the site, you find the FAQ.  The FAQ even sounds great…that is until you keep reading.  About 7/8ths of the way down the page, you find out that artists are only allowed to have 25% of the income – the company will receive 75%.

I do not know of any other business where the person is requested to supply the creation and product that someone else will sell and take the majority of the money.

When visiting  a new site, to read the accomplishments and service are good.  But please stay your hand and don’t sign up until you find and read the fine print.  Be sure you know what you are getting into before proceeding forward. 



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