The 1/2 Place

I used to live in a 1/2 place. As you may well know, if you are a Harry Potter fan, half places are quite magical. One of the most magical things about a 1/2 place is that unless you know it exists, chances are that you will probably never find it.

I had such a place tucked away in the mid-town area of Phoenix. Most people didn’t know that it existed as it was easy to miss. It was hard to find, even when using a GPS, unless you really knew it was there and how to get to it.

It was also quite a magical place to live. I had thriving gardens growing where it would usually be impossible in a desert. My vegetable plants grew longer and produced more than they should have.  My plants also grew when they shouldn’t be growing. (My chard, tomatoes and peppers grew year round.)

One of the best things was that my little half place had a very protected environment.  One evening, a massive dust storm blew through the Phoenix Metro Valley.  The wind was unbelievably strong. The visibility was next to nothing.  People stayed inside while it passed through because there was no way to breath that sandy air.

…and my half place? I got some sand on the walkway.  My plants and trees were undamaged.  The kinetic mobile, chimes, windmills and other yard ornaments were totally fine without a nick or a scratch.

It really pays to live in a 1/2 place!!


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