The Castle of the Tree Nymph

home of a tree nymphOnce upon a time present time myths and lore spoke speak about fairies and nymphs that live in trees. 

For ages past (and even right now) there are legends and stories about the fairy folk.  Fairies are said to be super natural beings with certain powers that are related to the earth,  water, air and fire.

Some tree nymphs settled in the woods to watch over and protect the trees, plants and wild life, while other fairies make their homes in the different elements. 

tree nymph communityMan, in his clumsy way, imagines how things can be and creates it.  But the creations don’t always take into consideration all of the inhabitants of earth. 

Woods for instance are torn down without regard to who is living there.  The wild life rush before the bulldozers’ destruction to find new homes.  Somehow our furry friends manage to forgive us.

This past Saturday, I found evidence of tree nymphs in an area that used to be woods!

fairy castle with stairsTake a close look and you’ll see a fortified fairy castle with a grand staircase grown from mushrooms.   The castle has one door and many windows.  The entire scene is easily overlooked and completely ignored by Man.

I was fortunate to find this magical nymph castle when visiting a friend.  I walked right by it several times before I realized that tree fairies have also  found new homes.  Their elegant residences are  in plain sight but easily unnoticed. 

Fear not believers of lore, the lovely tree fairies are still hard at work in present time weaving their magic and watching over us.

Moral of the tale:
Magic really does exist and you can find it everywhere, everyday.


aka Leigh Ann Edrich
© 2019. All Rights Reserved


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