The First Dance of Light Dreamscape

The First Dance of Light

The First Dance of Light Dreamscape by ILIA.  © 2023 ILIA. ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich. All Rights Reserved.
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“Oh my!!! Your Art blows me away!!!!!!” CL “me too !!!!! She’s really incredible….” RDM “Yes…I am speechless…while watching her works…” CL

“You just keep making stunning creations.” RVDF

“Beautiful !!! Really love this one!” DK

“Love it!” CS

“Beautiful work..” SF

“Love this one!!” DN

“Nice!” PPS

“It’s gorgeous” CR

“Very pretty” VN

“One the best, maybe the best. You are incredible.” LDS

“Love it” OF

“Wow. Fantastic.” DG

“It’s beautiful!!” GS

“Reminiscing of blooms & summer. Very nice.” LS

“Awesome job, I love it.” VI

“It’s amazing!” MJ







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